Now, the god is as indestructible as ever, and it is the only thing that has not been interspersed with holes.

However, it is also the first time that the mysterious power of the Lord Godhead has been shaken by outsiders in Tang Chuan
What do you mean? Except that Tang Chuan can shake this thing a little, others are determined that it is impossible to shake it. That is equivalent to Tang Chuan’s absolute defense on the spiritual level.
But now, as Mount Tai is stable, the crazy bombardment of the main deity is also shaking violently, so that the stalwart forces continue to blow and gradually shake out of control
Yes, even if the high god is not as different from the powerful god in pulling life, the advantage is not insignificant. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to pull the high god to the altar, even if it is a sneak attack or a gang attack.
And high god tidy up them is just a degree of hands and feet.
But that’s normal, too. It’s the situation that the Lord God can adjust his own strength
If the divinity and power are sealed and bombarded by others.
Then you can be forced to defend yourself, but you can’t attack, and you can’t avoid the situation. A submachine gun needs enough firepower to blow up tanks.
Like today’s situation, the deity of the Lord is gradually out of control
Bad luck sounds like nightmares surround Tang Chuan, who is already in a trance. "Is that it? Is that it? ! That’s all. Then fall to the altar. I’ll take your place. He’s as weak as a maggot! "
Hum! !
I can’t stand being beaten in an instant, and finally there is a gap in the deity of the Lord, which is that I was shot out by the knowledgeable!
But he won’t do it if he can’t really kill the God’s divine doom.
Because the ultimate goal is to replace the majestic divinity rather than simply let the disaster fall.
Or this is the only way for him to let the disaster fall!
It’s definitely easier to take possession than to erase the divinity. We have found some angles, otherwise, even if the disaster is doomed to the altar forever, we can’t cast a main deity.
If we can prove the Lord God so easily, there will be no God-capable level.
But all of a sudden, the fragments of the main deity splashed out of the gap made by bad luck went straight to Tang Chuan’s mind
Then no longer missing the main deity also fell apart.
However, this disintegration is not bad luck, and the external force is more like a shell that Nai Nai has faded away.
In order to keep missing, it is necessary to give up something, and those shells are the discarded parts.
And the crumbling shell has no other place to go, and Tang Chuan is still absorbed by him.
A statue of extreme stalwart virtual shadow emerged from Tang Chuan’s body. It was the overflowing divine power that temporarily isolated the bad luck blow.
Tang Chuan was riddled with wounds and hit his body, and the Lord God healed and absorbed the things that the Lord deity disintegrated crazily.
In an instant, the deity of the Lord became smaller and mellow again, but the disintegrated part was too much, and it took Tang Chuan a little time to absorb it.
In an instant, he crossed the ravine between the middle gods, officially casting a godhead, and his strength climbed again and again.
It’s not over yet. The seal in the deity of the Lord is not only strength, but also memory cognition belonging to disaster.
Mo Tang Chuan saw the corner of the future and realized many things.
But I can’t come and go slowly, because the virtual shadow of the great power that helped me to resist the bad luck temporarily also knows that the power can collapse and disappear
If it weren’t for the pure source divinity of the high God, it wouldn’t be able to stop these instantaneous attacks on Tang Chuan to absorb strength and heal the injury.
Bad luck sounds again. "You are the recovery of the Ministry of Justice. I know deeply that the recovery limit should also be at this moment. I am worried about it."
This is the end? The ending didn’t change the opportunity at all. "
Tang Chuan replied, "Yeah, I didn’t see defeating you either, and maybe I saw the end of it, but it was obvious that there was more than that, and I still had the strength to try to struggle."
When the voice falls to the ground, the divine power emerges from the future direction along the long river of years and melts into Tangchuan style.
Just now, he awakened a lot of new cognitive memories by absorbing the main deity and disintegrating it, which made him have a deeper understanding of the plot of prosperity and disaster, and thus saw a corner in the future
In the future, I also have a great possibility of failure, but I also have a chance of success.
Because I see the future, I will definitely lend my strength to help myself through it.
So Tang Chuan can get a wisp of blessing from the future and climb again.
However, because the future is uncertain, the power borrowed by Tang Chuan has illusory rules to prevent the power from losing from the long river of time.
If you want to borrow strength, you must let Tang Chuan go slowly in the years to come, and it will also cause him a lot of trouble
Just grasping the possibility of future success and borrowing some strength will be resented by those possibilities of failure.
It is difficult to describe clearly that there are too many paradoxical and illusory things in the great power of these realms.
However, the continuous faith, source and cutting power from the future really blessed Tang Chuanshen.
Let him be imprisoned for a long time even if he is re-sealed as a high god.
For example, for the most humble belief power of the high-ranking gods, Tang Chuan needs to personally carry out his belief after he became the Lord God, so that the belief power can be continuously delivered to the present in the long years.
It’s all about giving back and letting the Lord God of absolute freedom restrict us from having to carry out faith by ourselves.
And the source of his strength is bound to contain many doorways.
Suspect is to impose a chain on the high Lord God, and this chain is still for yourself.
The superposition of these chains will once again make the high god be calculated by the almighty god, if they still have the courage at that time.
Just as a country is forced to go to the countryside to do something every day because of something, is it possible for a willing heart to assassinate him?
An ambush on the road can be met.