This mysterious head …

This mysterious head …
He vaguely saw a huge shadow not far away.
A monster with a huge head like a tumor is growling at them with its mouth open, and silk threads like tentacles extend from its mouth open.
The scene before us is gradually distorted.
There was a loud and sharp cry in my ears.
Wei Nian suddenly woke up and bit his lips out of blood. He rushed forward and grabbed Ke Yuan, a colleague who was sluggish. He slapped his face twice and shouted at him, "Let’s go and let the bureau support!"
Stumbling out of the road, Ke Yuan came to his senses from a trance.
"Brother Wei, what about you?"
"Someone has to keep an eye on this mysterious head, otherwise, when backup comes, just look for your little quick spot."
Wei nian thinks he will be very handsome if he lights a cigarette.
Can’t come.
This mysterious evil has been angry, and it can’t escape and can’t escape than the active’ culprit’.
Once you’re gone, how much danger will an active paradox bring around here!
He dare not imagine.
I hope my life can calm down this paradox a little.
In this way, I didn’t live up to my identity as an investigator
Regret in this life
Wei nian’s original wind blew his black windbreaker.
Not far away, huge and ugly shadows are nibbling away at the remaining distance.
Dark clouds converge
It’s getting darker. The storm seems to be brewing with thunder.
The huge shadow suddenly stopped.
Seems to have made a head movement?
Who years then looked up at.
There is a half-built building next to the construction site.
And put up a circle of scaffolding
Reinforcing steel like a forest
A figure standing eyes seems to be … with a shadow outline deceit evil far relative.
A quarter of an hour ago
The light particles in the building under construction converge to outline the figure of black knife
He is as vigilant as ever.
Hands on the hilt, eyes flitted around and skillfully entered the field of vision of "mysterious evil tracking"
Sneaking … ……bushi synchronized the apostle’s vision and found the difference.
You can see a little bit of gray and black spots in the pursuit of the evil spirit of the black knife. It is very light and thin. Only when the evil spirit is near can you see the foul wind lingering.
That is to say, the location of the former black knife arrival is only a dozen meters away from the straight line of the knocking boy.
If it is farther away, the clue may not be enough.
And today,
You can clearly see the foul wind floating outside the building in your field of vision, and you can judge the general direction of the evil at a glance.