With the completion of the autumn harvest, more and more ships are sailing against the grain river in the direction of Jinshan Temple.

These people either believe in Buddhism or are grateful to Zen master Fahai, and the mountain wishes to be a pilgrim …
No matter where they come from, they always keep a pious attitude when climbing Jinshan Temple for various purposes.
Of course, this is not what Pei Wende wants to see.
Too much religious belief will lead to extreme disaster and terror, especially in this real world of gods and buddhas.
The only thing that is fortunate is that Pei Wende has made a series of measures in advance and achieved results.
Although the people along the Yunliang River thanked Pei Wende for all he had done, they did not attribute their harvest and income to the Buddha.
-Tian Xingjian is constantly striving for self-improvement
Adhering to this view, Pei Wende is more about teaching them raw skills and skills than giving them money and food directly.
Although it took less than a year, most people in Runzhou got rid of the previous famine and entered a self-sufficiency cycle.
Zhu Run and Zhao Yanwei, the first people who responded to the call of Zen master Fahai, were the first people to come to Jinshan Temple to fulfill their vows.
They came together with others in Zhujiazhuang, and those people near Zhujiazhuang who also replanted tea trees …
To tell the truth, these people are willing to spend part of their land to grow tea trees because they are more grateful to Zen master Fahai for his kindness to them.
In fact, they don’t think that Zen master Fahai’s tree species can live, let alone expect those tree species to become their economic income in the future.
However, facts speak louder than words, and the survival rate of those tea varieties is simply amazing.
Rao is a person who has no expectation of replanting. After seeing the amazing survival rate of these tea varieties, he can’t help but look forward to their future benefits
"It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish."
"Zen master Fahai is really a man with great wisdom."
Seeing the changes outside his village has completely eliminated the influence of ShaQi Zhu Run can’t help but sigh with emotion.
No one knows better than Zhu Run that the mentality of the Zhuang people has changed. It’s less than a month since I was skeptical and now I’m looking forward to the whole process.
Will this batch of tea let yourself and others down?
Zhu Run, who has regarded Zen master Fahai as the reincarnation of the Buddha, has no doubt at all, but feels that Zen master’s vision is far beyond the understanding of mortals like himself.
"Zen master is a master, and naturally seeing things is different from us."
Zhao Yanwei, who followed Zhu Run closely, echoed his wife as always.
"It’s a pity that the real Zen master has left Jinshan Temple and can’t thank him face to face for rebuilding his kindness to us."
As soon as this statement came out, Zhao Yanwei wanted to continue to echo it for a second, but his face suddenly changed and he looked at his wife.
"Wait, you said that the Zen master had left Jinshan Temple?"
Looking around warily, I listened to Zhao Yanwei’s surprise and deliberately asked in a low voice.
"Then who is the Zen master we just met?"
Zhao Yanwei has no doubt that his wife judged that he was a little surprised to see that "Fa Hai Zen Master" was not a human being when he was willing to make a vow.
"I don’t know who he is, but he is definitely not a Buddhist monk."
He shook his head without leaving, and Zhu Runyi was as surprised as Zhao Yanwei when he found this.
"Don’t forget that my eyes can see through falsehood …"
Smell speech Zhao Yanwei suddenly fell silent.
Although Zhu Run never showed his particularity, Zhao Yanwei knew that his wife was the most potential person in the whole Zhujiajian family.
Or to be more exact, Zhu Run, the first grandson of Xu Shi clan, has inherited some abilities that are far superior to others.
However, Aunt Zhu’s natural disposition is free and easy, and she has shown her outstanding talent in swordsmanship since she was a child, and she has successfully stepped into the true path of kendo in an uncertain year.
Zhu run, on the other hand, is even more reluctant to expose herself to the public, but that doesn’t mean she is inferior to her sister.
On the contrary, Aunt Zhu has a talent for fencing, but Zhu Run has the ability to surpass ordinary people.
When Zhao Yanwei adopted a son in law in Zhujiajian, Zhu Run saw the non-hostage at a glance …
When the 170-year-old statue glared at King Kong and swept Runzhou City, Zhu Run successfully saw their similar face of Pei Wende …
Even when Zhu Yi Niang possessed Zhu Huaigu, Zhu Run took the lead in going deep into the darkness and finally met his children shrouded in Shaqi …
Zhu Run’s eyes may not be as good as Buddhism’s eye-catching, but nothing can match the simple detection of falsehood.
"I wanted to confess to the Zen master and ask him to help me see if I could seal these eyes that brought disaster."
There is no regret or regret in her tone. Zhu Run is stating a fact that she has already made up her mind.
"Now that I think about it, maybe it’s fate that I should continue to hold these eyes."
With Zhu Run’s last sigh, she and Zhao Yanwei gradually disappeared at the end of the grain transportation river.
Sitting in the incense table of Ursa Major, Pei Wende looks like Lu Shu seems to have sensed something and suddenly turned his head and cast a glance at Zhujiazhuang’s direction.