Integrate one’s own body, earth, vegetation to achieve the effect of high-speed movement, which can be integrated with the earth, and then move to a place at high speed through the organic network of plant roots and groundwater flow, and cut off all the breath during the initiation of Ninjutsu.

Chiba Zeng Xianren mode perceived that this technique of ephemera was black and white, but this time, because Chiba concentrated on fighting, he did not sense the enemy.
"Nothing can be achieved by those puppets."
Black and white never hide in a large pitcher plant, a big tree blends with the trunk and stares at everything in the jungle. Please browse and read.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven Must be able to complete the body.
White unique smell speech sneer at a Payne six strength is good, each has a special ability, but face to face Chiba ability scattered Payne six, after all, is not as good as the body, the strongest heaven in it is restrained by Chiba Flying Raytheon, which may be the key.
Before …
A light ring made a white avatar emerge from the trunk.
Black-and-white unique squints, and the spirit escapes from the shoulders and invades the white unique body. After a while, the spirit escapes from the white unique body and returns to the body, while the information detected by the white unique member emerges in the head.
"Let’s watch the drama slowly! But … "
Black-and-white eyes flickered slightly. "Vortex Nagato is somewhat out of control. If he can pull Uchihiro Chiba as a cushion before his death, it will be his last contribution!"
White off hey hey smile serious way "indeed! However, we must be careful not to lose the eye of the circle. That’s the spot resurrection key! "
"Otherwise, you will come forward to get the eye of the circle away!
Black never glanced at him coldly and said coldly, "This joke is not so good."
Bai Jue shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, it’s not so good. You are so-called’ poison tongue’ in black; And we are known as’ rap’ in vain! So what are you going to do? "
"Wait …" Black never looked back and continued to stare at the edge of the battlefield. The battle was just far from over!
"Take the soil to Leiguo to prepare for the big event. We can’t drag our legs here. We must be optimistic about the round trip!"
Black tone is cold.
God Luo Tianzheng broke out and leveled hundreds of meters of forest in Fiona Fang.
Nagato has no spare time to see the casualties of Konoha Ninja, such as controlling the animal way and preparing for psychics to summon him in the past.
In the battlefield
In addition to hiding in the chameleon’s mouth, hell was not knocked down for the first time, and Yu Payne fell all four ways.
And his psychic beast also disappeared because of protecting the inferno.
And with psychic * * war two metempsychosis Sandaime Kazekage and red sand scorpion are also destroyed, but both of them are immortal and dusty around the body is slowly recovering.
Hum! ! !
An instant Uchihiro Chiba suddenly surged up a huge chakra.
Although he didn’t compete with Nagato, Uchihiro Chiba knew that Nagato’s forces were facing Nagato, and he would never look down on Nagato.
One hand is strength!
Uchihiro Chiba’s eye pupil force is surging crazily, and the eye pupil force stimulation of those three gouyu eyes suddenly produced a change and suddenly turned into a kaleidoscope sharingan form!
When the kaleidoscope appeared, Uchihiro Chiba suddenly appeared with a green skeleton, followed by flesh and blood, then skin and finally armor!
Terror chakra shook the earth and moved to retreat to the distance. Nagato and Xiaonudu were shocked. This chakra was even stronger than when Heaven made God trance Luo Tianzheng!
Chakra flows like a green flame, and then at the last minute, it is completely solidified, and chakra is completely solidified!
The former Uchihiro Chiba was able to grow a beard, which made the kaleidoscope sharingan merge with orochimaru’s improved column cells. After taking the liquid, Uchihiro Chiba finally came out. What was it?
The answer is already coming out.
To assist can almost … Complete!
A statue of a dark green giant stands tall, and the horror of heaven and earth, chakra, is impressively condensed into the essence, and an oppressive breath is almost suffocating.
Even the ninjas in Yincun Village, which is far away from the rain, can clearly see that the statue is like a sky, and it is stronger than bijuu!
"That … what is that!"
"Impossible this is …"
On the battlefield, the ninja Konoha ninja in Yucun Village is already speechless with horror, and the ninja in Yucun Village is also cold in the back and gasped.
The high-level people in Shiyuyin Village know a lot of people who are tolerant of the world. They all look shocked with a hint of disbelief.
"This is what Uchihiro gens said must assist? So that person is the five generations of Muhuo Ying Uchihiro Chiba? ! But how is this possible! "
"There is no mistake. This is that there is a second person besides uchiha madara who has used this giant!"
Several creepy eyes gaze at Uchihiro Chiba and stand aloof in Susuke, overlooking Fangchangmen and Xiaonan.
Jiraiya was also just put between the eyebrows by Chiba to protect him from God Luo Tianzheng.
Great need to be able to hold the waist sword completely, and suddenly pull the sword out of terror. chakra’s blade flows towards Nagato with a wave of his hand.
This is a blade of grass shovel. Taidao zooms in. Green chakra surrounds the blade of grass shovel and becomes a long sword.
"This is the whole history of Susuke, that is, uchiha madara can be enlightened by himself, and unless uchiha madara and the first generation of Muhuoying Qianshouzhu Pavilion can resist … claiming to be gods, can you meet Susuke and complete the whole body strength?"
Chiba light way
It is necessary to have a pair of the same kaleidoscope in order to start in sharingan.
However, uchiha madara has never been able to use his eyes. And Uchiha Itachi also had the situation that the kaleidoscope had disappeared with his eyes approaching, and he also maintained the situation that he had to assist; When Uchiha Shisui was hunted by the root ninja of Tuanzang, he was able to enlighten Susuke at a glance.
The awakening of binocular kaleidoscope ability is a key to the ability to start, and once it is started, there is no need for such harsh conditions.
It is possible for the perfect body to be able to help the opening conditions to be more stringent, and it is possible to maximize the sharingan pupil force of the kaleidoscope and to have a huge chakra talent to help the opening and closing of the perfect body.
However, there are very few people who can exercise kaleidoscope pupil power to the extreme, and generally speaking, if kaleidoscope is used too much, it will cause loss. Therefore, there are only a handful of people who can help the historical opening and completion.
This state must be assisted by chakra’s complete and stable strength, and the wings can grow on the back of the mountain and the sea, and the performer can perform the ninja skills well.
Chiba’s pupil power has grown through the columnar cells, even if it has not started to turn around, it is close to the eternal kaleidoscope.